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Dumbbell Bicep Workouts

Dumbbells are very flexible and may be used to do virtually any resistance training exercise. Since they take up lots of space and are cost prohibitive, a lot of people only possess a few pairs around the home. To get a great exercise with 10-pound dumbbells, you will have to be innovative and know how to get more from less. Irrespective of your strength and degree of fitness, you also may get an adequate workout with 10-pound dumbbells. Time Volume training works well with limited equipment, according to Metabolic Surge author, Nick Nilsson. Rather than establishing a repetition goal, you'll do each exercise for a fixed period of time or your flat biceps won't grow.

You'd set a timer for ten minutes and start with a set of 3 to six repetitions. Continue this rep and rest schedule till the timer goes off. Your workout could be arranged like this: Legs - ten minutes of dumbbell squats, Back - ten minutes of bent over rows, Torso - ten minutes of bench presses, Shoulders - eight minutes of vertical rows, Triceps - eight minutes of dumbbell kickbacks along with Biceps - eight minutes of dumbbell curls. As with Time and Volume training, you will only need to do one exercise for each muscle group. Remainder to get 30 to 45 seconds along with doing another set of as several reps as you can.

Usually, you will wind up getting 20 to 25 repetitions on the second set. Remainder for another thirty to 45 seconds and, for the closing set, work either to fatigue or to the point where one can no longer do a restricted repetition. The great thing about its workout is that you could decrease or increase the reps as needed to suit your strength and strength level. Another Holman and Lawson method called POF, which stands to get Positions of Flexion, includes three specific training angles to get the best exercise possible in the smallest period. For every muscle group, do a substance motion, a stretch exercise along with a contraction or isolation move. When training the chest, you'd begin with 3 to four sets of bench presses.

Next, do two or 3 sets of dumbbell flyes, focusing a whole stretch in the bottom of the movement.

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